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Access Control Sales has selected our suppliers based on decades of experience. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of applications but always high quality and consistency. We look for suppliers that offer CSA, UL or CE certification, long warranties and responsive lead times. We assist our partners by stocking common items for local distribution as well as offering customer support through technical help and custom applications.


Versatile and reliable, timers and controls from Airotronics are putting power to work in transportation and industry, agriculture and appliances, manufacturing and services across North America and around the world. By managing the flow and form of power in a wide variety of specialized applications, our innovative products make things happen at the right time in your systems, environments, vehicles and inventions.

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BWI Eagle

For over 19 years, BWI Eagle has manufactured electronic specialty controls designed to improve safety and productivity in mining and industrial operations.

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Digital timers, electromechanical timers, and quartz timers to clients in the OEM, HVAC and appliance manufacturing industries. We represent the world’s leading industrial timer manufacturers: AKO, Diehl and Flash.

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Battery Master Switch

Battery master switches shut down a vehicle’s electrical system by cutting off current from the battery. They are designed to help prevent tampering, theft, battery drain and electrical fires. Battery master switches are available with brass or plated steel cases and are actuated by lever or hencol key. Contacts are either silver or copper. O-rings feature in the operating shaft of some models for additional moisture and dirt protection.

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Thermo-Electra manufactures handheld thermocouple probes for every application from -200 up to 1100ºC.Standard available with Type K thermocouple, and as Pt100 RTD's. Standard handprobes can be supplied from stock. Thermocouple and resistance Pt100 handheld probes are delivered with a molded cable and connector.

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Time Mark

Since 1972, Time Mark has been proudly engineering, manufacturing and assembling our quality products from our manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Time Mark Corporation products are distributed throughout the United States and exported to an expanding international customer base. Standard catalog products are marketed through a combination of local distributors, Time Mark representatives, and direct sales personnel. Time Mark products are marketed under two trade names: “Time Mark”, which includes the basic lines of industrial controls, and “Signaline”, which is a recognized brand name for all of our timing devices.

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Eagles Control

A to D Process Digital Displays – Industry Standard Current and Voltage Inputs Clocks – with alternating Date and Temperature Digital LED Counters & Totaliser Displays from 2 digits to 12 digits Accident LED Displays from single line to multiline panels Production LED Displays from 2 lines of information to 10 lines Temperature Displays – Industrial and Commercial from -200~1600 °C ( °F ) Timer & Totaliser Displays, Hrs, Mins, Secs and combinations of these WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING APPROVALS ISO 9001, CE, UL, CSA, ROHS

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MD Micro Detectors

Starting from 1971 M.D. Micro Detectors S.p.A. is designing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial sensors.
M.D. Micro Detectors is rich in Tradition and Human, Professional and Material Resources, meaning Technology, Quality, Reliability, Continuity, Service and Innovation worldwide.
As many other successful business stories typical of our region, M.D. Micro Detectors was born in a garage following the inspiration of a Physics teacher of a Techincal Institute in Modena and constantly developed over the years, up to the present days.

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